Safety Guidelines

Villa Rosa Kempinski strictly adheres to the government safety rules and regulations to ensure the health and safety of all our delegates. 

In addition to Villa Rosa Kempinski venue safe procedures, we will also ensure safety and hygienic measures to ensure smooth and safe operations throughout the event. As we prepare to open the event, safety guidelines have been developed for an assured and secure visit. For your safety, compliance with these measures is legally required at all times. Our team will happily assist you through the event. 

Intensified Cleaning:

  • Rigorous sanitisation of the halls are conducted pre and post-event,
  • Sanitisers have been installed in all key areas,
  • Cleaning staff have been assigned to disinfect frequently touched surfaces and areas, such as doorknobs, handrails, seating areas, tables, and restrooms throughout the day, and
  • The event organiser is committed to ensuring that all stages of the NewSpace Africa Conference are safe, providing information on COVID-19 measures, including hand sanitisers at various locations and strict monitoring of social distancing and mask-wearing. 

Safer Facilities:

  • Restrooms and such amenities are cleaned and disinfected hourly,
  • Prayer rooms are open throughout and operated at 50% capacity. 

Safety Measures during the NewSpace Africa Conference

  • All delegates and staff must properly wear their face masks/covers at all times,
  • All participants must keep the 6-feet social distancing guidelines, 
  • Disinfection protocols are followed in all public and common areas, 
  • Sanitisers are readily available at various locations, 
  • Common areas are regularly cleaned and sanitised,
  • Avoid physical contact with other delegates, 
  • Contactless transactions are encouraged, 
  • Exhibition hall capacity to apply the minimum 2m social distancing corresponding to 1 person per 4sqm gross. Observe the maximum capacity guideline for each area,
  • Exhibition halls shall close at 10 pm for daily sterilisation and sanitisation, and
  • If you are feeling unwell, please notify a waitstaff so that you can be transferred to a clinic.

Conference Hall Safety Guidelines

  • Conference hall capacity will apply the 6-feet social distancing guideline; this means 1 person per 4sqm is the limit,
  • The maximum capacity guideline shall be observed, 
  • Standing microphones for the audience are placed in the central aisles for Q&A,
  • Conference furniture and equipment shall be sanitised after every use,
  • Individual seats are set apart at a distance equal to 2 chairs between each seat,
  • Delegates must keep masks on at all times unless they are invited to address the room,
  • Social distancing and direction floor marks are to be respected, and
  • Microphones are fitted with filters and will be replaced after every use.


What are the procedures to enter Kenya?

  • Ensure you meet the entry visa requirements. You can check for them here.
  • Also, ensure that you meet all the COVID-19 safety requirements.  You can check here for the specifics.

How do I arrive at Villa Rosa Kempinski?

  • Taxis, Uber and pre-booked transport services offered by hotels are available to transport you to the Villa Rosa Kempinski Conference Centre from your hotel or the airport. 
  • There are ushers available to guide you through to your seat. 

What do I do if I get sick?

  • Delegates are expected to notify a staff member if they are ill or have been tested positive for COVID-19 so that the health authorities can be contacted for swift action. 

Are face masks mandatory?

  • Yes, face covers or masks are mandatory for all visitors and staff. 

Will there be sanitiser stations?

  • Sanitisers will be placed at common and public places, like lobbies, restrooms, parking areas, meeting rooms and prayer rooms. 

How often is the venue sanitised?

  • The venue will be sanitised daily after every event day.