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About NewSpace Africa Conference

NewSpace Africa Conference is a high-level gathering of industry leaders, commercial space companies, investors, and other key stakeholders in the African space and satellite industry. Globally, a new era is emerging, characterized by private sector-led efforts towards the commercialization of space which is opening the global space industry to investments, disrupting new markets and democratizing space technologies beyond the legacy spacefaring geopolitical regions to include opportunities in emerging markets.

In Africa, commercial ventures are developing space technologies, and offering space-enabled services to address market demands in various sectors, including telecommunications, defense, security, maritime, aviation, mining, agriculture, environment, development, education, and health. In 2019, the African space industry was worth USD 7.37 billion and is estimated to grow up to USD 10.24 billion by 2024, experiencing about 40% growth, this provides an immense business opportunity for various stakeholders.

The 3-day conference will feature selected keynotes, interactive sessions, panel discussions, business pitches, B2B matchmaking, B2C matchmaking and unique networking opportunities.

The theme for the conference is “Making Africa the New Hotspot for Space Business“.

Nairobi Kenya

25 – 27 April 2022

Why Participate

Interact, build, connect and network

The NewSpace Africa conference is structured to provide an avenue to build and maintain new relationship with stakeholders in the African space and satellite industry. The conference emphasis is on building new partnerships and business collaborations to advance the economics of the industry. It will provide the platform for leaders in government, industry, academia and investors to build new business connections and relationships to advance the industry

Exhibit your organization

The NewSpace Africa conference will provide organizations with opportunities to exhibit their capabilities and experience to a wide range of attendees representing the entire industry value chain.

Stay abreast of Industry development

The NewSpace Africa conference is the place to be to stay updated on new development across stakeholder organizations in the industry, emphasizing on new business opportunities, technological advancements, new policies and strategies, new programs, investment opportunities and other critical developments across the industry value chain.

Who will attend?

NewSpace Africa Conference is a unique chance to meet and interact with:

  1. Heads of Africa space agencies and top executives
  2. Leaders of National Space Agencies
  3. The African Union Commission
  4. National Ministries of Science and Technology and National Ministries of Communications
  5. Policy Makers and other top Government Officials
  6. NewSpace Companies
  7. Universities and Research institutions
  8. Young professionals and students
  9. Members of the press

About Space in Africa

Space in Africa is the leading media, analytics and consulting company focusing on the African space and satellite industry and has been the primary source of space-related data and information on the industry since 2018. Space in Africa’s proprietary, research-based business and market analysis predict critical outcomes in what happens next in the industry and the opportunities available. Space in Africa has worked with several clients to develop policies, implement strategies, and explore business opportunities in the industry value chain and the company recently completed the African Union Commission baseline studies on the four-space segments and the socio-economic benefits for the establishment and operationalization of the African Space Agency. The NewSpace Africa Conference is the main event of Space in Africa to further facilitate business interactions and cooperation in the African space and satellite industry.

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