Tentative Agenda

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  • Conference Day 1

    25 April 2023

  • Conference Day 2

    26 April 2023

  • Conference Day 3

    27 April 2023

  • This panel will discuss how satellite broadband connectivity will drive the socio-economic growth of the continent and develop pathways that will include remote areas and communities to take accelerated strides. This panel will also discuss Africa’s under-connectivity and analyse how to provide strong connections on a continent where the majority of the lands are landlocked. Also, discussions will highlight the routes 5G networks can foster the creation of initiatives and programmes and ways of minimizing the expenses and obstacles of adopting the network.
    Salle Bouake

  • Conference Day 4

    28 April 2023

  •  This panel will discuss both theoretical and practical ways to attract young Africans to the industry. It will highlight the course of action to ensure funding, infrastructure, capacity building and incentives through networking programs, accelerators and incubators, and paid and unpaid internships, amongst others, to avoid brain drain and an underdeveloped space sector.
    Salle Bouake